Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Acquired 1972 Yellow Sunfish Sailboat

Well, I bought a yellow Sunfish Sailboat right off the web. My wife wasn't too happy, but I plan to restore and update the boat to today's standards. Sunfish are a one design sailboat, so the boats that the company is building today, are pretty much the same as the one I have acquired built back in the 72'. 72' Was actually a bad year for Sunfish. There was a major defect in the manufacturing process, but my boat was unaffected by that particular production run.

I spent the better part of the week, trying to clean the boat up. For such an old boat, it is in great condition. The dagger board trunk is perfect, the mast tube is in great shape, even the cockpit looks almost new. This boat hasn't been sailed too much, or it has been kept in great condition. Also, I am hard pressed to find any spider cracks. The hull, apart from a little staining, is in pristine condition for it's age. I can barely find any scratches.

Here is my work list:

1) Install main sheet block
2) Update all lines
3) Remove  hack job paint (forward of the coaming from previous owner)
4) Wet sand deck to bring back original shine (the gel coat is in better than average condition-lucky!)
5) Remove coaming fill cracks and spray paint
6) Re-gel coat small area on deck where previous owner sanded through completely through the gel coat.
7) Install hiking strap
8) Buff and polish
9) Sand off repair mysterious brown mark on deck (seems to have some glued paper to the gel coat?)
10) Install new boom blocks (completely missing)
11) Install new traveller system

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